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Comprehensive Services in a Multi-Displinary Dental Office

Children's Dentistry

Children are sensitive and should not be treated as just younger adults. They deserve and require special care and assistance.


The use of traditional or the so-called invisible braces to align a crooked arch form.


Smaller cavities may be restored with tooth coloured materials.


The provisions of fixed crown and bridges, or removable dentures for restoration of the teeth arch form and function.

Preventative Care

It cannot be emphasized enough that prevention is the basis of dental health. It is equally important to maintain the state of health after dental treatment. Every person is different and a preventive regime should be tailor-made.


Teeth may be broken by trauma or crack by biting on a piece of shell, an infection may flare up when a decayed tooth has been left untreated, painful abscesses may form as a result of gum disease. These are just some scenarios where dental visits should be scheduled without delay.


Root canal treatment may be required when the central vital tissue of the tooth is compromised due to deep cavities or trauma. This option is worth consideration in order to preserve the tooth.

Oral Surgery

Aside from broken teeth, dental extractions may be required when braces are needed or when the wisdom teeth come through..

Aesthetic Dentistry

Advanced resin and ceramic technology can restore and improve on the aesthetics without undesirable and unnecessary removal of tooth substance.

Dental Implants

The loss of teeth may be remedied without sacrificing healthy teeth with advances in dental implantology. Various procedures are now available to augment sites previously deemed unsuitable for placements of implants.

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